February 1

February – 2022

We formed a labor exchange program with NEU’s robotic dog team. We started integrating computer vision into the project via an Intel RealSense module.
January 1

January – 2022

The team grew to eight members. We began to transition away from a serial communication system to a network composed of a raspberry pi and multiple ESP modules acting as motor controllers. Assembly of the camera head began.
December 1

December – 2021

We completed the linear path planning software and demonstrated the Mk1 winches with limited functionality to the NEU Robotics Club’s Intro Course.
November 1

November – 2021

We completed the first iteration of Mariette’s positional and orientation control software. We began the development of both the linear path planning software and camera gimbal hardware.
October 1

October – 2021

Two thousand dollars of funding were granted to the project from a combination of the PEAK Basecamp Award and Idea Prototype Fund. Design and construction of the first iteration of Mariette’s winches began.
September 1

September – 2021

The team grew to four members and began collaborating with the Northeastern Robotics Club, PEAK Experience Awards, and Idea Venture Accelerator. During this time we began to design Mariette’s inverse kinematics. The team adopted the name ‘Suspension Robotics’. 
August 1

August – 2021

The final ‘motor group’ design was completed for the Mk0 winches. Plans to create the Mk1 6-DoF cable-driven cinematography robot were formed. This robot would be known as Mariette.
July 1

July – 2021

I began to develop the winches needed to operate the Mk0. Due to financial constraints, brushed DC motors with 3D printed gearboxes and potentiometer-based rotary encoders were chosen for the machine.
June 1

June – 2021

After a period of research regarding the history and functionality of CDPRs (cable-driven parallel robots) I instead decided to create a 3-DoF CDPR known as the Mk0 with the goal of moving a small object around a room. At this point, I began the development of the algorithms necessary to..Read More
May 1

May – 2021

After completing a cartesian drawing robot for Northeastern’s Embedded Design Enabling Robotics course, I decided to create a 2-DoF cable-driven drawing robot.