The Team



Philip is a fourth year Computer Engineering major at Northeastern University and the founder of Suspension Robotics. At Suspension, he coordinates the engineering and business teams and creates software and hardware for the robots. In his spare time, Philip enjoys getting outdoors and rock climbing.

Karl Schumacher

Financial Advisor

Karl is fourth year at Northeastern University who majors in international affairs. He joined Suspension Robotics team as the financial advisor last semester. Karl also assists in consumer and market research. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, playing sports, and writing music. 


software engineer

Chris is a third year Computer Engineering and Computer Science major at Northeastern. He has project experience programing in several languages and works with microcontrollers as a hobby. Before working with Suspension, Christ worked as a Systems Engineer at RoviSys – a company specializing in automation and systems integration. 


Mechanical engineer

Donovan is a first year echanical Engineering student with five years of experience in Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360, Solidworks, and Onshape. Previously, he has worked on FIRST FRC teams. At Suspension, he models parts and assemblies in CAD. 


Mechanical engineer

Neha a first year Mechanical Engineering major at Northeastern University. She has a year of both CAD and 3D printing experience. At Suspension Robotics, she is designing, printing, and assembling a variety of components. 


Mechanical engineer

Rebecca is a first year Mechanical Engineering major with a year of CAD experience in Solidworks, AutoCAD, and Onshape. At Suspension, she helps with CAD and assembly. She has also worked on mechanical teams for other robotics projects in the Northeastern Robotics Club. 

Yiyang (Franko) Liu

Algorithm Engineer

Yiyang is a first year mathematics major at Northeastern University with four years programming experience under his belt. As Suspension, he works on developing the path planning and cable interference algorithms that control the position and orientation of the robot. 

Gerson Perez

market strategist

Gerson is probably a student at Northeastern University who majors in something. He is a researcher and market strategist at Suspension, so he is the one who  researches things and also figures out how to market and sell the robot because Suspension has to make money somehow.