Who are We?

A novel venture that aims to use cable-driven robotics to create a platform of versatile motion control at an affordable price and in an accessible way. 

Our Goal

Our team is building a cable-driven parallel robot that can fully control a camera’s position and orientation throughout an entire studio. The robot will use eight cables to precisely move a floating platform, which will act as a stable mounting point for a gimballed camera, as it moves through a room. This will allow us to achieve a wide variety of sophisticated camera movements that would normally require a diverse array of expensive camera rigs.


This project has been in development since September of 2021. In that time we have grown our team from two to ten members,  raised over $8,000 in research funding, and made significant progress towards achieving our goals. 

Picture our prototype as a quadcopter with a camera gimbal mounted underneath it. Instead of propellers keeping the quad copter (or bird, as we call it) hangs from. 

– Developed the kinematic and path planning algorithms necessary to control the position and orientation of the camera. 

– Completed design and assembly of the second generation of the robot. 

– Achieved complete positional and orientation control of the robot. 

Future Plans

 We plan to spend the remainder of the year improving the reliability and accuracy of our robot by applying computer vision and motion tracking systems. Using this technology, we aim to compete in (and win) the Northeastern Husky Startup Challenge

Eventually, with a finished product in hand, we aim to sell this machine to content creators including, but not limited to, film studios, college cinematography clubs, YouTube content creators, television producers, and advertising production companies. The product will be available for sale on our website.